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Slow ~ Sustainable Fashion

There are a lot of "new Eco" terms these days. These are the two that mean the most to Sunpoint in Owen Sound. The first is Slow Fashion. The second is Sustainable Fashion. Both are about you deciding if you want to help erase the carbon footprint you are making on the Earth and, if so, how you choose to buy based on that decision. From the clothes you wear and the furnishings and decor you buy to the materials you purchase to renovate or build your home with. How you chose makes a huge difference.

For 25 years, Sunpoint has been the home of Slow Fashion. Margit has purchased and sold sustainable linen and fine cotton clothing for 25 years. Growing up in Europe, Margit has always understood the importance of wearing well-made, natural fibre clothing and she knows how to care for them, so they last much longer than the cheaper lines that come from Fast Fashion lines.

Here's a short introduction to help you better understand how your choices impact life on our planet today and for our future generations.

Slow Fashion is for the customer and the creator. It's about consuming and creating fashion consciously and with integrity. It connects social and environmental awareness and responsibility with the pleasure of having beautiful, well-made, and lasting products. Slow fashion is well-made and uses materials that tread softly on the Earth, so you can expect the initial investment to be higher. Slow fashion lasts longer and when you are finished with it, it can be passed along to another or be recycled in a manner that will not harm the Earth. True Slow Fashion creators have ethically-run companies, all of the people who are part of their product creation earn a living-wage and their business practices are transparent and public.

Sustainable Fashion is a movement and process of fostering change to fashion products and the fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. Being part of this movement means you are aware of why these are important changes that the fashion industry needs to make and, as a customer, you will do you best to support companies that are taking these steps.

How can you find out more about Slow Fashion?

Talk to Margit. She'll tell you how she choses her suppliers, what matters to her and why being part of the Sustainable Fashion movement will help our kids and grandkids build a viable life for years to come. Google it. There's so much great information all over the web. Talk to youth. They know more than Google. They'll tell you what the changes are that need to take place and how you can be part of the solution.

(Photo: Flax field in full bloom)

Linen is born from a flax plant which has a beautiful modest blue flower. It is a magic plant - it gives us flaxseeds, oil, fine paper and fibre that produces linen textile. Recently linen was dated to 36,000 B.C.! As a textile, linen is strong, cool with unsurpassed moisture wicking and ventilation. It feels great on your skin and you can wear it and pass on to next generation. Linen is the height of Sustainable Fashion and it comes in the most wonderful colours. Just look at the colours of our dresses!

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